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Intern – Ms. Ghidaa Kabiya

08/30/2018 | Dr. Ayelet Barenholz | Medical Laboratory Sciences

In order to complete their degree and obtain a license to practice as a medical laboratory specialist, students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences intern in medical laboratories at hospitals and HMOs throughout Israel.

Internships are carried out during the summer vacation between the second and third years of study. There are various areas of specialization that include microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, toxicology, serology, genetics, IVF, pathology, endocrinology and emergent medicine.

Ms. Ghidaa Kabiya, a student in the department relates her intern experience:

The Endocrinology Laboratory is a part of the Laboratories Department at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center. The Laboratory performs tests for the hospital's various departments, private patients, outpatient clinics, and external clinics. The Laboratory also performs routine tests of hormones and special tests in General Endocrinology.

Test include:

  • Thyroid functioning testing – The gland that secretes the hormones that determine the body’s general metabolic rate.
  • Tests for the purposes of clarifying Pituitary Gland functioning – The gland that forms a part of the hormonal axes that control numerous physical functions.
  • PTH tests- A test performed during a para-thyroidectomy, or for the purposes of diagnosing blood calcium level disorders.
  • The sex hormones – Hormones that enable diagnosing and following up on fertility problems and pregnancy tests.
  • Metabolism of bone and Vitamin D derivatives – Participate in the homeostasis of the calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body.
  • Tests for diagnosing diabetes.

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Intern – Ms. Ghidaa Kabiya