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Intern – Ms. Sendy Hazzal

08/30/2018 | Dr. Ayelet Barenholz | Medical Laboratory Sciences

In order to complete their degree and obtain a license to practice as a medical laboratory specialist, students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences intern in medical laboratories at hospitals and HMOs throughout Israel.

Internships are carried out during the summer vacation between the second and third years of study. There are various areas of specialization that include microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, toxicology, serology, genetics, IVF, pathology, endocrinology and emergent medicine.

Ms. Sandy Hazal, a student in the Department relates her intern experience:

The Toxicology, Pharmacology, and Pharmacogenetics Laboratory is part of the National Center for Poison Testing and Clinical Pharmacology at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center.

The laboratory staff includes specialists in analytical chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology and molecular biology. Tests are performed for hospitals, HMOs, institutions and private patients.

The tests cover numerous fields including:

  • Clinical toxicology: Tests on a range of drug and poison types and toxic substances.
  • Occupational toxicology: Tracing employee exposure to industrial chemicals and poisons.
  • Pharmacogenetics tests: The laboratory deals in diagnosing and investigating the link between heredity and reactions to drugs (for example therapeutic success, adverse effects). Pharmacogenetics tests enable adapting drugs to patients consistent with their genetic background. For example adapting treatment with the drugs Azathioprine, Coumadin, Clopidogrel.

In addition to the above activities, the Laboratory participates in clinical and basic studies by cooperating with the research universities, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals throughout the country.

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Intern – Ms. Sendy Hazzal