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Azrieli Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education and Employment

The new Azrieli Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education and Employment is situated on the 5th floor of the Helmsley Charitable Trust Interdisciplinary Science Center building. The Center includes the Office of the Dean of Students, Pre-Academic Programs, the Henrietta Szold Challenge Center, and the Career Counseling Center. The new facility combines all student services and provides a venue for in-service training programs and student activities.

The Center's goals are to promote higher education for underprivileged populations, to assist students financially and through improved study skills and learning reinforcement, to engage students meaningfully in campus life and in the community, and to help them transition into a promising career.

The Center operates to:

  • Pro-actively engage and support students from all sectors of Israeli society with a focus on students with special learning needs including the Haredi, Arab-Israeli, Ethiopian-Israeli and new immigrant communities.
  • Deliver aid, support, and guidance for students with special learning needs to ensure that they succeed in their academic programs.
  • Promote student involvement with the population in Jerusalem through volunteer placements and community service.
  • Create opportunities for interaction between students from diverse backgrounds and to provide guidance for HAC faculty and staff about students' particular needs.
  • Provide specialized career counseling and internship opportunities to ensure students' successful integration into the workforce upon graduation.

The Center was established with gifts from the Azrieli Foundation and the Russell Berrie Foundation and operates with the generous assistance of a committed group of HAC's supporters.