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Hadassah Academic College is located in the heart of Jerusalem, and is based in and around an impressive historic structure which was financed by Baron James (Jacob) Meir Rothschild. The building, which was inaugurated in 1988, became the new home of the Rothschild Hospital which was initially established within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.


Hadassah College offers academic and technological degrees for male and female students from all sectors of the population and from all parts of the country. Each year, our graduates complete their degrees and integrate into the work force in areas such as research institutions, knowledge-intensive industries, medical institutions, industrial plants and others.


A year of celebration as Hadassah Academic College marked 25 years of academia since its establishment. During these years, the college has become an influential Jerusalem institution inside as well as outside of the city.


The Department of Social Work was opened within the Interdisciplinary School of Society and Community. The program incorporates an high level academia with a strong commitment to the values of social work: taking into account the social-community fabric of the city of Jerusalem and its various communities and sectors.


The Department of Behavioral Sciences was opened as part of the Interdisciplinary School of Society and Community; a unique degree that combines the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology including knowledge in the fields of Political Science, Government and Media.


The Department of Economics and Accounting within the School of Government and Society was inaugurated. The department combines Economics and Accounting and is the knowledge base required for businesspeople and managers in the work force.


The College's Career Counseling Center opens. Established by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, the Center helps students and graduates by providing direction, counseling, guidance and job opportunities.


The College launches an academic degree track program for Ultra-Orthodox men and women who wish to obtain an academic degree.


The Department of Politics and Communication at the School of Government and Society is inaugurated as well as the MA program in Communication Disorders.


The College's name is officially changed to Hadassah Academic College.


The graduate program in Computer Science (M.Sc.) opens.


The BA program in Service Organization Management at the School of Government and Society opens as well as the masters degree program in Vision Science and Optometry.


The School of Communication and Design is inaugurated including the departments of Photographic Communication and Inclusive Industrial Design. The Adler Aphasia Center is inaugurated. It is Israel's only rehabilitation center for people with severe acquired speech disabilities.


The Biotechnology Program at the School of Health and Life Sciences is inaugurated.


The Pre-Academic Preparatory Program ("Mechina") is established. The program prepares students to qualify for entry to any college or university in Israel.


The Department of Communication Disorders is established in response to the high demand for qualified speech therapists in Israel.


Hadassah Academic College becomes a fully accredited degree granting institution by the Israel Council for Higher Education.


The college increasingly focuses its programs on science and technology.


As Israel advances in the fields of science, industry and medicine, there arose an urgent need for skilled manpower in technical and vocational related fields. To meet the need, the Hadassah College of Technology was established in the Rothschild compound.


With the outbreak of the First World War, the Hadassah American Zionist Medical Unit had begun intensive health and welfare programs in Jerusalem and other communities. In 1922, the Unit officially incorporated itself as the Hadassah Medical Organization.


Baron Rothschild (France) establishes the first hospital for Jews and Arabs outside of the Old City walls. The "Rothschild Compound" continues to be preserved as the core building of the campus.