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  • Academic Staff / Management of Service Organizations M.A.

    Orni Gov
    Orni Gov

    Orni has extensive experience as a lecturer, group facilitator, coach, mentor for entrepreneurs and managers, and as a career consultant. She has lectured and trained employees and students in a variety of academic and organizational institutions such as, Mati, the Achva Academic College, the Israel Authority for Prevention of Violence, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the vocational training centers of the Israeli Ministry of Labor and the College of Management Academic Studies. She also works as a consultant in certain Jewish schools in the United States.

    Central to Orni’s professional work is the focus on empowering and developing tools for advancing the desired individual and organizations’ goals by raising self-awareness, defining personal and organizational vision, creating an action plan, identifying barriers and doubts, and overcoming them.

    Orni, specialized in distance learning utilizing the “NOGA” approach, a unique methodology which she developed and introduced at the 2018 Meital’s conference. “NOGA” enables students to pursue the courses requirements at their own place and time while engaging in intensive dialogue with the lecturer and other students in the course. 

    Orni holds a PhD in Management from the Poznan University of Economics (2016), a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the San Jose State University (1994) and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminology from Bar-Ilan University, Israel (Cume Laude -1986).

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