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    Yuval Tebol
    Yuval Tebol


    Yuval Tebol, born 1971 in Jaffa, Israel.

    Tebol is a well-established photographer and academic lecturer on Photography and Research at Hadassah and Sapir academic colleges. During twenty years of ongoing photographic work, he has conducted a visual and conceptual research of the photographic medium, ways of seeing, and the nature of observation.

    Working consistently on long term photographic projects and photographing solely with analog cameras and Black and White film, for the past decade he has dedicated his work to "Land Research"- a thematic and widespread visual research of the landscape of Israel and the west bank.

    Tebol exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Canada, Germany, New York, Belgium and museums in Israel, Austria, Italy,China and Japan.

    In October 2017, The Florence Biennale's International Selection Committee has selected "Land Research Project" to participate in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy and Tebol Received the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ International Award by the Florence Biennial Committee.

    Academic Employment


    Lecturer in the Department of New Media, Design and Visual Communication at Sapir Academic College.

    2013- Present Lecturer in the Department of Photography and Visual Communication at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem.


    Lecturer in the Department of New Media, Design and Visual Communication at Ariel University.


    Initiative and facilitating the project "eye contact to the youth" in the Peres Center for Peace. The project presented annually in exhibition and book.


    Curator at the International Festival of Photography in Israel in 2014 and 2016.

    Relevant Academic Activities and Employment:

    2019, Initiator and facilitator of a multi-disciplinary academic research Project in Greece within the framework of a research program, students in the department of Politics and Communication and the department of Visual Communication at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem travelled Greece to contemplate the ongoing refugee crisis.

    2018, lecturing at the University of Brighton through the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem and through "Clever", an academic cooperation program of the European Union.

    2013, lecturing at the "EU HAUS" in Vienna, with Agency- France Press chief photographer Marco Longari, presenting two different aspects of photo coverage of the Arab uprising and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.



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