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Prof. Alik Honigman (Ph.D)

Prof. Alik Honigman (Ph.D)

Head of Biotechnology Department


1967, B.Sc., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Faculty of Science. Main Subject: Microbiology and Genetics.
1969, M.Sc., The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. Dept. Chemical Microbiology.
Thesis: ”Genetic control of the life cycle of Bacteriophage P1”
1970-1975, Ph.D. student, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. Thesis: "Genetics and Biochemical Studies of the early Regulation of Bacteriophage lambda".
1975-1977 Research Associate, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, University Of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. USA.

Positions held

2012-2016 Head of school of medical and life sciences, Hadassah Academic College.
2012-now Head of Biotechnology program, Hadassah Academic College
2012-now Chair of academic appointment committee Hadassah Academic College
2006-2010 Chairman of Planning and Development committee of the Faculty of medicine of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2004-now The Lady Davis Chair in Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research.
2006-2010 Chairman of the committee for recruitment of new academic faculty members.
2005 Full professor in molecular genetics.
2000-2009 Chairman of the Interdepartmental Equipment Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
1996-now Chairman of the scientific advisory board of Promega Biotechnology Corporation.
1994-1995 Promega Corp. and the University of Wisconsin, Visiting Professor of Molecular Virology
1992-1997 Institute of Microbiology - Head of Curriculum Committee
1990-1995 Head of Department of Molecular Genetics, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem.
1984-1985 Visiting Scientist , NIH, NCI-FCRF, Fredrick, Maryland,.


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