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Dr. Liat Gantz (Ph.D.)

Dr. Liat Gantz (Ph.D.)

Director, MOptom Program, Senior Lecturer

Liat Gantz is an Israeli Optometrist with a Bachelors of Optometry and a minor BSc in computer science from Bar Ilan University, Israel. She completed her PhD in vision science in the field of psychophysics of depth perception from the University of Houston College of Optometry (TX, USA) in 2009, followed by a post doc in the field of clinical electrophysiology and another post doc in the field of psychophysics of depth perception.

Dr. Gantz is a senior lecturer of Optometry and the director of the
Masters of Optometry  (M.Optom) program at Hadassah Academic College (Jerusalem, Israel). She is an active researcher in the field of depth perception and clinical optometry, a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the European Academy of Optometry, and an expert reviewer to several scientific journals in the field of vision research.

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  • Depth perception- validation and repeatability of clinical testing booklets
  • Binocular vision- binocular visual disorders, validation of clinical tests for diagnosis of binocular visual disorders
  • Validation and repeatability of subjective clinical optometric tests compared to objective eye tracking
  • Complications and compliance of fitted vs. over-the-counter contact lens wearers 
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity


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Gantz L., Shneor E., Doron R. (2020) Agreement and Inter- Session Repeatability of Manual and Automatic Interpupillary Distance Measurements. Journal of Optometry. Accepted for publication. 
Open Access Link

Gantz L., Caspi A. (2020) Synchronization of a Removable Optical Element with an Eye Tracker: Test Case for Heterophoria Measurement. Translational Vision Science and Technology. 9, 7. 
Open Access Link

Gantz L., Millodot M., Roth G. (2020) Analysis of alphabet patterns of deviations found in patients without strabismus in primary position. Clinical Optometry. 12,49.
Open Access Link

Gantz L., Sousou M., Gavrilov V., Bedell HE. (2019) Reading Speed of Patients with Infantile Nystagmus for Text in Different Orientations. Vision Research, 155: 17-23.
Open Access Link

Stiebel-Kalish H., Amitai A, Mimouni M, Bach M, Saban T, Cahn M, Gantz L. (2018) The Discrepancy between Subjective and Objective Measures of Convergence Insufficiency in Whiplash-Associated Disorder versus Controls. Ophthalmology. 125(6): 924-928
Open Access Link

Gordon-Shaag, A., Piñero, D. P., Kahloun, C., Markov, D., Parnes, T., Gantz, L., Shneor, E. (2018). Validation of refraction and anterior segment parameters by a new multi-diagnostic platform (VX120). Journal of Optometry, 11(4), 242-251.‏ 
Open Access Link

Gantz L, Gordon-Shaag A, Abousaid A, Serrero G, Fine P. (2016) Keratoconic Bi-aspheric Contact Lenses: A Case Series. International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases.5(3):132-138. 
Open Access Link

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Open Access Link

Gantz L, Schreder S, Ruben R, Zivotofsky A. (2015) Using the Duchrome Test Prior to Correcting the Cylindrical Component. PLOSOne, 10(3). 
Open Access Link

Shneor E, Barnard S, Millodot M, Gantz L, Chiche G, Elbaz V, Wolff R, Pinchasov R, Gosman Z, Simchi M, Koslowe K, Gordon-Shaag A. (2014) Prevalence of congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium in Israel. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, 34(3): 385.
Open Access Link

Gordon-Shaag A, Barnard S, Millodot M, Gantz L, Chiche G, Elbaz V, Wolff R, Pinchasov R, Gosman Z, Simchi M, Koslowe K, Shneor E.(2014) Prevalence of choroidal nevi using Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, 34(1):94-101. 
Open Access Link

Fine P, Gordon-Shaag A, Leibowitz E, Lahav AC, Jackson S, Halperin R, Gantz L. (2013) A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Rigid Gas Permeable Scleral Contact Lens for Patients with Distorted Corneas. International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases, 2(1).
Open Access Link

Bedell HE, Gantz L, Jackson DN. (2012) Perceived Suprathreshold Depth in Normal Observers Under Conditions that Elevate the Stereothreshold, Optometry and Vision Science, 89(12). 
Open Access Link

Gantz L, Bedell HE. (2011) Variation of Stereothreshold with Random-Dot Stereogram Density, Optometry and Vision Science. 88(9). 
Open Access Link

Gantz L, Bedell HE. (2010) Transfer of Perceptual Learning Between Local and Global Stereograms, Vision Research, 50: 1891-1899.  
Open Access Link

Nakatsuka C, Zhang B, Wantabe I, Zheng J, Bi H, Gantz L, Smith E, Harwerth R, Chino Y. (2007) Effects of Perceptual Learning on Local Stereopsis and Neuronal Responses of V1 and V2 in Strabismic Monkeys- Journal of Neurophysiology, 97(4): 2612- 2626. 
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Gantz L, Patel SS, Chung STL, Harwerth RS. (2007) Mechanisms of Perceptual Learning of Depth Discrimination in Random Dot Stereograms, Vision Research, 47(6): 2170-2178. 
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Other Academic Publications

Kalish H., Gantz L. (2018) Practical Perspective - The Discrepancy Between Subjective and Objective Measures of Convergence Insufficiency in Whiplash-Associated Disorder Versus Control Participants. PracticeUpdate.com- Elsevier free access educational website for eye care professionals
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  • Prof. Mark Rosenfield- Professor of Optometry, State University of New York- digital eye strain during online learning
    Read more about this project featured on Helio, here.
  • Prof. Hadas Kalish- Director of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Unit, Rabin Medical Center: convergence insufficiency in post accident with vs. without whiplash, near point of convergence with varying targets in adults. 
  • Prof. Avi Caspi- Director of research authority, past chairperson and associate professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Jerusalem College of Technology- Objective measurement of eye position (heterophoria and strabismus)
  • Prof. Barry Weissman- Professor of contact lenses, Marshal B. Ketchum University, CA,, USA - Complications and compliance of over the counter vs. fitted contact lens wearers
  • Prof. Joan Gispets- Chairperson of the Department of Optometry, FOOT, University Polytechnic Catalonia UPC- Objective and subjective comparison of semi scleral soft vs. SoftK vs. RGP semi scleral contact lenses in keratoconic patients and post PKP patients
    * Also with Eyal Gal, MOptom
  • Dr. Lluisa Quevedo- Director of the graduate school of Optometry, University Polytechnic Catalonya- MGD grade in over the counter vs. fitted vs. non CL wearers, comparison of subjective and objective MGD grading
    * Also with Reut Yifrah
  • Prof. Ron Ofri- Professor of Vetrinary Ophthalmology, Hebrew University- Refraction of sheep with achromatopsia vs. post genetic treatment for achromatopsia vs. controls, refraction of goats, refraction of donkeys
  • Chart 20-20 - Mr. Allen Hytowitz and Mr. Stephen Meyerowitz- Validation, intra- and inter- test reliability of the Dyop in normals, optimal rotation speed of Dyops
    * with Mrs. Dinah Paritzky