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Dr. Yitshak Alfasi (Ph.D)

Dr. Yitshak Alfasi (Ph.D)

Lecturer and Academic Advisor

Dr. Yitshak Alfasi holds a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Bar-Ilan University, and MS.c. in Research Methods in Psychology and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the
University of Southampton, UK.

Dr. Alfasi is a lecturer and academic advisor at the Department of Behavioral Sciences, and a member of the department's teaching committee. He teaches courses in Psychology, quantitative research methods, and research seminars on behavior in close relationships and the psychology of the
digital era.

Dr. Alfasi is a graduate of the Ph.D program at the Centre for Research on Self and Identity at the University of Southampton. His dissertation research examined the manner in which chronic attachment patterns influenced the ability to form integrated and coherent mental models of significant others. Currently, Dr. Alfasi is conducting research on online social networks affect and cognition, social disidentification, and sport and society.



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