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Meet the Team

Dr. Tali Hadasa Blank, Academic Director 

Senior Lecturer, and Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Management of Service Organizations

Dr. Blank's research and teaching interests include radical innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizational and team learning. In recent years, Tali's research has focused on factors that ensure successful founding teams, and other elements that determine the innovation and success of startups.

Tali received a B.A. degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Education from Haifa University in 1996, an MBA from Bar-Ilan University in 2009, and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. 


Prof. Michael Berman, Academic Advisor

Head of Computerized Medicine Track, Department of Computer Science

Prof. Michael Berman received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Lorenz S. Cederbaum in the Theoretical Chemistry Group, at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, after which he spent 6 years at the Fritz Haber Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prof. Berman joined HAC's faculty in 2011. In addition to his role in the Department of Computer Science, he is Head of HAC's Research and Development Authority.


Dr. Yaron Amir 
Director of Business Development