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The Blender Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to The Blender - HAC's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Blender provides a jumpstart for HAC's students and graduates venturing into the world of innovation. The Center serves to inspire, empower, teach and guide the HAC community through the entrepreneurial process. This includes lectures, workshops, access to all of HAC's facilities and labs, Pre-Accelerator Program, and so much more.

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Our Goal:

HAC serves a unique mosaic of students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The Blender strives to inspire, teach practical tools, and support our students, alumni, and academic staff who are interested in taking concrete steps into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Blender provides a myriad of opportunities, including guest lectures by leading figures in various industries, participation in in-depth workshops on relevant topics, and actively taking part in our Pre-Accelerator Programs, and varied competitions which serve our general campus as well as our Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) campus.

The Blender is, as its name implies, a place where individuals from different backgrounds and fields of expertise can work together, each bringing their unique flavor into the mix - creating new and exciting blends together.

So, what’s your flavor?