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HACkathon - An international HACKathon on the subject of Women, Technology and Security

05/22-23/2021 , 21:00 - 21:00 | Online Conference

The Blender is pleased to invite you to attend the first event of its kind at the college!

HACkathon International will be conducted in collaboration with Atobe, the technological accelerator of Azrieli College, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Embassy in Prague, 3 leading universities in Prague and also a number of other bodies and associations, as well as a number of leading companies and associations in Israel including El Halev, Monday.com, Amazon, the Haruv Institute among others .

The HACkathon theme on the Israeli side is the eradication of violence against children, with an emphasis on sexual violence.

The purpose of the event is to bring about the creation of technological and social solutions to deal with the problem, treat its victims and eradicate the phenomenon.
Throughout the HACkathon there will be lectures from leading parties in the field and in the industry, as well as mentors who will share their time and experience to help you create the best possible solution.

You can join teams or come prepared with an idea you want to promote.
The HACkathon will take place on Saturday night, May 22 at 9pm and end on Sunday, May 23 at 9pm.

24 hours of deep learning, thinking, creating and doing.

A preparatory and introductory meeting will be held on Friday, May 21 at 10:00 -12:00.

The event is scheduled to take place online, via Zoom, but there is an option if you want to come in person, according to the COVID19 guidelines.

Details are frequently updated on the event page on Facebook.
The official flyer for the HACkathon!
HACkathon Registration (Google Forms)

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