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Yair Lapid at a political gathering at the College

01/06/2015 | | ◾ Politics and Communication

Yesh Atid party Chairman, Yair Lapid, visited Hadassah Academic College, met with the President of the College, and delivered a lecture to hundreds of students.  During the gathering Lapid commented on the political stalemate and attacked the Prime Minister: "The Prime Minister prefers to sit idly by and let Israel's political situation deteriorate because he  prefers to do nothing than to do something that jeopardizes your political situation. The Prime Minister has decided that if every so often he delivers a political speech, preferably in English, it will serve as the political solution. We can't continue to talk about the cost of living and quality of life without dealing with the political issue. Hard work and determination are necessary to bring about change, in any area, including the political sphere."

A student from Beit El attacked Lapid for having stopped the funding. Lapid responded: "A resident of places such as Beit El receives double the funding than a resident who lives in the periphery. I think that this money should also be invested in Kiryat Shmona and Be'er Sheva. The decision to transfer the 70 million [shekels] to a hill near Beit El was made due to political considerations, as well as due to promises made by Netanyahu to the Likud Central Committee members, and not out of genuine consideration of the public welfare."