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A visit to the operating rooms at Hadassah Hospital

07/03/2016 | Prof. Michael Berman | ◾ Computer Science M.Sc. | ◾ Computer Science | Computer Science, B.Sc.

A visit took place this week at the operating rooms of the Hadassah - Ein Karem Medical Center. The meeting with the doctors from the Orthopedic and Urology departments was held in the framework of a robotics coursefor students from a master’s course in computer sciences. Dr. Josh Schroeder from the spinal unit of the orthopedics department demonstrated the use of the Mazor robot in spinal surgeries. Dr. Vladimir Yotkin, a senior urologist surgeon, demonstrated the use of the Da Vinci robot during prostate surgery. 

Dr. Yotkin, demonstrating the use of the Da Vinci robot