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Internship at the Hilton in Bucharest

09/24/2017 | Irit Shmuel | ◾ Management of Service Organizations | Management of Service Organizations, B.A.

This month, Mr. Shahar Ashkenazi, a fourth-year student of the Tourism track in the College's Department of Management returned from a one week work internship at the Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest, Romania.

Ashkenazi was awarded a scholarship from the international Hilton chain to participate in the work internship.

Shahar describes his internship experiences in Bucharest:

"The hotel management warmly welcomed me and made sure that I did not miss any events on my schedule.

Each day I accompanied several department managers on a detailed schedule and was involved in specially organized activities. This included understanding each hotel department including the structure of each department and the way in which each department functions. They also explained the Hilton chain's international standards.

As a manager, I was most interested in HR recruitment and retention as well as in budgeting and accounting.

This wonderful internship was a wonderful opportunity for me as I plan and look forward to a career in hotel management."

Shahar Ashkenazi (right) and a representative of the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, Bucharest