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New Clinical Lab in Optometry

11/05/2017 | Harris Zachary

This week, the College dedicated a new clinical training laboratory in the Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences.

This state-of-the-art facility is the gift of Mr. Laurent Levy, a Jerusalemite and founder and CEO of the "Optical Center" retain chain with 520 outlets in Europe, Canada, and Israel.

Mr. Levy is also the founder and Chair of the not-for-profit "Optical Center Foundation" which provides eyeglasses, contact lenses, and visual and auditory aids at no cost to Jerusalem's most needy residents.

The new laboratory will particularly serve students of the Department's "OptiZion" program. Working in cooperation with "Masa Israel", this program brings French immigrant students who have qualified as opticians in France to continue their studies in Israel and graduate as certified optometrists.

College President Prof. Bertold Fridlender; Mr. Laurent Levy; Prof. Ariela Gordon-Shaag, Head, Dept. of Optometry