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The Reserve Duty Shield was awarded to the college

05/28/2017 | Hazan Rami

The college was awarded the Reserve Duty Shield in appreciation for its activities and attitude towards students and employees during reserve military duty. The College President, Prof. Bertold Fridlender , received the shield during a festive evening that took place at the Kirya in the presence of the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman and the Chief of Staff Major-General Gadi Eizenkot.

Every year, the IDF awards the Reserve Duty Shield as an expression of appreciation and gratitude to organizations, companies, employers, institutions of higher learning etc., who excel in their attitude towards the organization’s personnel. This year it was decided to grant the award to the Hadassah Academic College for its activities and attitude toward students and staff during reserve military duty.

 The College President, Prof. Bertold Fridlender (from the right) receiving the Reserve Duty Shield.

The college points out that it attributes great importance to the reserve service of the students and does everything in its power to facilitate the gap created in view of the service. Furthermore, most of the sections of the Students Rights Law will be implemented at the college, already prior to the legislation of the law. This arises from the perception that reference is to a student body that contributes to the state and must receive recognition for this contribution so that no academic studies will be prejudiced. Beyond the  benefits prescribed in the Student’s Rights Law, the college grants two additional benefits: The first, every student who serves 21 days of reserve duty per annum, or alternatively, 42 days during 3 academic years for a degree, is entitled to receive 12 credit points under the title: "Social Involvement – Reserve Military Service." The second, regarding a student who is continuously occupied in the community - the hours of the activity that he is required to perform during the period that he served are set off. This year, in contrast to the other higher learning institutions, the college administration decided to grant a series of facilitations to students who are parents and whose spouses are serving in reserve duty. This derives from the perception that they have remained in the home-front and must bear the familial yoke on their own, in addition to their academic studies.