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A Photographic Trip to the Dead Sea and the Arava

01/02/2018 | Judith Guetta | ◾ Photographic Communications

On December 26 – 27, 2017, the Department of Photographic Communication at the college set out on a two-day photographic trip to the Dead Sea and Arava (first and second-year students). On the first day the trip passed through Qasr el Yahud and the abandoned monasteries, continued with a meeting with Danni Hadas, a photographer and creator who lives at Paran and a guided tour of the village by Danni. Later the students took photographs at the village. On the second day, the students met with the author and journalist Kobi Ben Simhon at the Hatzeva Archives. They were introduced to photographic portraits of the founders of the village and continued on to photographing at Hatzeva– hothouse agriculture, the village guard tower, bunkers and combat trenches. Afterwards, the students set out on a photographic expedition in the tuber fields at Mount Zin.

The objective of the study trip was to enable students to examine the interaction between the history and landscape of the region.

Staff members of the Department – Judit Guetta, Head of the practical studies field in the Department, Yuval Tabul, a lecturer in the Department, Doron Alteratz, , a lecturer in the Department and Eddie Gerald, a lecturer in the Department – accompanied the trip. The guides, Guy Cohen, Dana Tal-El and Avigail Ben-Eliyahu also accompanied the trip.