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Designer Shavtai Hirschberg’s innovation reaches the White House

11/22/2018 | Rami Hazan | ◾ Inclusive Industrial Design, the DAN Department of Creative Human Design

A futuristic project of Israeli industrial designer Shavtai Hirschberg was brought to the attention of President Trump by his recent guest to the White House, rapper-performer Kanye West.

The project involves a state-of-the-art passenger aircraft with greater capacity for numbers of passengers and increased comfort. The aircraft will also be able to land on water thus reducing the costs of constructing land-based airports.

Hirschberg is a 2008 graduate of HAC's Department of Inclusive Industrial Design. After completing his studies, he continued on to a postgraduate degree in the design of transportation vehicles in Detroit. During his studies, Hirschberg worked on his final project – a futuristic aircraft. This aircraft is intended to address problems that are expected to emerge when the number of passengers in a commercial aircraft will double by 2030.

Hirschberg is in contact with a British company with hopes to develop the project.

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