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Ms. Aya Ben Ron will represent Israel at the Biennale in Venice

08/30/2018 | Hazan Rami | Photographic Communications

Congratulations to Aya Ben Ron, of the College’s Department of Photographic Communications who will represent Israel at the Venice Biennale – the international art exhibition to be held in Venice next year. Ben Ron has joins a long list of outstanding Israeli artists who have represented Israel in this framework in the past.

Aya Ben Ron is a multidisciplinary artist with a postgraduate degree from Goldsmith College in London. She is a professor at Haifa University’s Art School and teaches in the Photographic Communications department at the College. Her work includes place dependent projects, installation art, video projects and documentary films, made while working with hospitals and medical institutions in Israel and abroad.

Ben Ron has been awarded many prizes including the Creation Encouragement Prize of the Ministry of Culture (2016), the Dizengoff Prize (2011) the Tel Aviv Museum's Isracard prize for an Israeli artist (2009) and the Ministry of Culture Prize (2008). She has presented numerous exhibitions at leading museums and galleries in Israel and abroad. Amongst the halls and events in which she has presented her work: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, The Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, the Medical History Museum, Berlin, the Biennale of Busan, South Korea, the Modern Art Museum in Warsaw, the Maxima Medical Center, the Van Aba Museum, Eindhoven and the Herzliah Museum.

Field Hospital X, which will be presented in the Israeli Pavilion at the Biennale, is the first stage in the artist’s comprehensive project. This is the entity that treats severe problems through examination, diagnosis, and treatment of spoiled and damaged values.

Fields Hospital X is a dynamic platform, a model that integrates the unique qualities of a field hospital with the functions of a regular hospital. This hospital is characterized by transience and mobility and, each time, is located in an existing building located in a disaster area to which it arrives. The modular hospital focuses on severe problems that characterize the region. At the head of the hospital to be established in the Israeli Pavilion in Venice will be the artist ,Aya Ben Ron and the curator, Avi Lubin and its actions and values will be formulated in cooperation with the study staff – personnel and woman from culture, the academia, medicine, politics, the army, and economics. The various treatments will include video works of a number of creators to be selected by Ben Ron and Lubin in consultation with the staff. As a part of the Venice Biennale, treatment of a number of values that have been spoiled will be proposed, for example family, freedom, equality. Each patient/visitor will select one therapeutic program in a specific value and can return for treatments of additional values as well. “Value consultants” will accompany and guide the patient/visitors during their visit to the Pavilion.

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Field Hospital X