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Awakening - Online Graduate Exhibition - Photographic Communication faculty

07/26/2020 | Amir Cohen | ◾ Photographic Communications | Photographic Communication, B.A.

The routines of many in Israel have changed abruptly over the past six months, often beyond recognition. Since last spring, the covid-19 epidemic has been accelerating social and economic processes that have been going on for many years. Currently, the extreme events in these contexts, are common at this time.
Millennials now face significant social, economic, and environmental challenges. Their starting point for action on a public and personal level is not as good as their parents' generation told them to be.

The works of graduates of the Photographic Communication Faculty for this year, strive to raise significant value questions, which are revealed in short documentary and dramatic films, advertising campaigns and music videos.

This online exhibition offers a diverse and up-to-date body of work, which takes place at major intersections of Israeli society. Present images emphasize the creators voice, opening the viewer's eyes to what will happen in the future. To the need for awakening.

View the works of graduates of the Photographic Communication Faculty