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New Exhibition - Taking Stock | 2 departments, 5 years, 21 graduates

02/04/2020 | ◾ Inclusive Industrial Design, the DAN Department of Creative Human Design | ◾ Photographic Communications | Inclusive Industrial Design, B.Des., The DAN Department of Creative Human Design | Photographic Communication, B.A.

Curator: Tal Schwartz

Chen Adler, Moran Barak, Noam Ben Zeev, Hadas Boni, Ekaterina Bourindine, Ayelet Burstein, Kfir Cohen Zada, Dor Kedmi, Dror Kremer, Danil Esterkin, Orli Fields, Elad Herman, Kfir Leibner, Avigail Leibtag, Yasmin Morpuss, Noa Moshiach, Noa Maccabi , Ibtisam Sakallah, Daniel Schechter, Daphna Stern, Ilan Zerbib.

Azrieli Gallery, HAC-Hadassah Academic College, 39 Haneviim Street

The "Taking Stock" exhibition presents a selected group of 22 graduates of studies in inclusive industrial design and photographic communication from the past five years at Hadassah Academic College.

The works on view display multiple and diverse directions for the graduates in an eclectic range of professional practices. Along with variety, they share a broad foundation of social sensitivity, an approach which places the human being in the center based on research into diverse cultural backgrounds in an attempt to understand human needs in depth. This requires constant attention to the “big picture.”

Along with the outputs, the exhibition emphasizes work processes and the designers’ and photographers’ personal turning points as forming significant layers in their professional development. The exhibition is an attempt to highlight the individual voices, trying to respond to the question of what is the next step after graduation.

in Azrieli Gallery, 31.1.2020 - April 2020

Photography from opening night: Lian Lany