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Tachlit Exhibit: Department of Communication Disorders

01/15/2020 | ◾ Communication Disorders | ◾ Communication Disorders M.A.

Every year, students in the Department of Communication Disorders present and display the didactic games they have created for children with various speech and language challenges.  This year, these games were developed within the context of a course, guided by Senior Lecturer Dr. Avivit Ben David, which dealt with the evaluation and treatment of children with pronunciation issues. 

The games displayed in the exhibit demonstrated an impressive level of clinical knowledge, along with considerable creativity, originality, and investment of time and energy.  In addition to their therapeutic value, the games were especially designed to provide a source of enjoyment and motivation to children during treatment.  This project demonstrates well the integration at HAC of a solid academic background - together with applied clinical knowledge - in the training of professional speech and language pathologists.