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The Department of Photographic Communications 2020 Photography Tour

03/23/2020 | ◾ Photographic Communications | Photographic Communication, B.A.

Every year, the Department of Photographic Communications holds a two-day photographic journey throughout Israel. These photographic journeys take place in unique and exceptional settings that enable travel to a variety of new places, and to take in different views, and diverse environments. The journey enables students to learn from a new perspective, to ask questions and gain an introduction to new ideas, places, and people, which most of them do not know, and which they do not encounter on a daily basis.

This year the Department chose to investigate the regions of Naftali and Samaria. The students and accompanying staff visited the communities of Neve Tzuf, Cochav Hashahar, Ofra, Har Grizim, Kefar Hashomrim, Har Brachha, and Havat Gilad. At each location, they were introduced to the community’s achievements, stories, the people working there, and the heroes of each location.

Amongst those individuals who met with the students were Avigail Ben Nun, a Holocaust survivor with an inspiring life story. Later, there was a visit to the “Saboneto” factory – a soap factory that provides employment for people with special needs, and a meeting with Yaakov Sharvit, a stained glass artist and speech therapist. Students visited Department graduate Baruch Greenberg’s studio in Ofra, held a meeting with Department graduate Shahar Cohen, who related his experiences as a nature photographer, held a visit to Havat Gilad and met with Yael, wife of the late Rabbi Raziel, who was murdered on his way to the settlement.

Itzik Lerner, a Department lecturer and creator of series of documentaries including: “Transitions” “God’s Messengers,” “Holy Blood” etc. accompanied the journey, during which he shared the creation of his movies with us, how he approaches photography and opened up our eyes and heart. He instructed students about how to observe and approach places with political and existential sensitivity.

Photography – The Department of Photographic Communications Students: Tamar Unger, Dekel Asher, Baur Jabara, Diana Sheferhar, Dan Hafatz, Hagar Amibar, May Moshe, Medan Mor Alon, Noam Blean, Adi Dar Ohayon, Royci Abu Ramila

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