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International Academic Collaboration: Hadassah Academic College & University of Mainz

05/18/2021 | HAC International | Photographic Communication, B.A. | Politics and Communication, B.A.

As part of the international activities of HAC in Jerusalem, a collaboration has been formed between the College and the University of Mainz in Germany, on the subject of 'Migration, Integration & Media'.
The title of the project is "The Other Person".

The project involves the Department of Photographic Communication as part of a course led by Amir Cohen, together with the Department of Politics and Communication, led by Arik Segal and our project partner - the University of Mainz in Germany. The project forms part of a press and communication seminar, also attended by students from the Sorbonne University in Paris and was led by Anna Fabienne Makhoul (M.A.).

The online launch event took place in April in the presence of Dr. Tzachi Milgrom, Vice President of HAC, Heads of Departments Judit Guetta and Dr. Doron Schultziner as well as Yael Catalan, Head of international academic activities on behalf of the College.

On behalf of the Univeristy of Mainz we were honored to have with us Prof. Stefan Müler-Stach, Prof. Katja Schupp and Prof. Yossi David.

The selected students from Germany and Israel will work together during the semester, in joint teams to develop applied projects.

We are confident that the unique collaboration we have forged will provide students with an important international collaboration and a unique learning experience. Beyond that, we see great value in the organizational and international experience we gained and the importance to the college in building relationships with an academic institution abroad.

A Screenshot of the first collaboration meeting