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New online course! Optometric Care of Patients on the Autism Spectrum

02/10/2021 | HAC International | Optometry (B.Optom) | Optometry and Vision Sciences (M.Optom)

Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem - The Optometry Dept. in conjunction with The International Dept., Presents the online course Optometric Care of Patients on the Autism Spectrum.

An interdisciplinary approach for optometrists in treating patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Course Structure 

  • Optometric assessment and management of patients with ASD.
  • Tools and modifications of vision therapy protocols for patients with ASD.
  • Prescription of optical aids patients with ASD.
  • 21 hours of synchronous and asynchronous online lectures.
  • Four live sessions on zoom.
  • Interdisciplinary approach including lecturers from the fields of psychology and communication disorders, as well as firsthand account of a mother to a child on the autism spectrum.

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For questions or concerns please contact -

Liza Even-Israel
International Department Coordinator

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