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The Dean's List Ceremony for the year 2020 was held at the college

05/19/2021 | Optometry (B.Optom) | Biotechnology (B.Sc) | Communication Disorders (B.A.) | Communication Disorders (M.A.) | Environmental Quality Sciences (B.Sc) | Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Med.Lab.Sc.) | Computer Science (B.Sc) | Optometry and Vision Sciences (M.Optom) | Computer Science (M.Sc) | Inclusive Industrial Design (B.Des.) The DAN Department of Creative Human Design | Management (B.A.) | Management of Service Organizations (M.A.) | Politics and Communication (B.A.) | Economics and Accounting (B.A.) | Behavioral Sciences (B.A.) | Photographic Communication (B.A.) | Social Work (B.S.W)

The traditional celebratory ceremony for the dean's list students for the year 2020 took place this year at the college in accordance with COVID19 guidelines.

The ceremony took place in two sessions in the presence of the dean's list students and the heads of department only. Family and friends joined the event via Zoom.

Congratulations to our 113 outstanding men and women, 30 of whom graduated with honors, who received a certificate and scholarship for their academic excellence in 2020!

This is the first ceremony we held at the college since the start of the Corona outbreak and we were all thrilled to host the event.

Pictures from the ceremony.
Photo credit: Shmuel Cohen