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A Masters degree in Communications Disorders enables practicing speech therapists and others in the field to expand their knowledge base, clinical skills and scope of practice. The State of Israel is one of the most vibrantly multicultural and multilingual nations on the planet. It is a nation of immigrants, where around thirty percent of the population was born outside Israel. The vast majority of these individuals are bilingual to some degree, speaking both Hebrew and the language of their home country. Many immigrants are even trilingual. Israel is also home to a significant number of Arab citizens, who make up more than twenty percent of the population. Like their immigrant counterparts, Israel's Arab citizens are nearly universally bilingual and very often trilingual as well. Whatever his/her mother-tongue, the average Israeli casually incorporates words and phrases from Hebrew, Arabic, English, Yiddish and more into everyday speech without a second thought. But this linguistic melting pot can also cause complications for individuals with communications disorders or disabilities.

The mixtures of languages and cultures, the high percentage of multilingual citizens, and the need for multilingualism in Israel's professional and academic arenas presents unique challenges for Israeli speech and language pathologists and speech therapists. Communication disorders may be seriously compounded by the realities of life in a multilingual society.

A One of a Kind Learning Experience

Hadassah College's Masters degree program in Communication Disorders is unique in the emphasis i places on multiculturalism and multilingualism. The program is designed to broaden the theoretical and clinical knowledge of speech and language pathologists working with multilingual and multicultural populations. The program aims to educate professionals as supervisors and key practitioners in the clinical field.

The Masters in Multiculturalism and Multilingualism in Communication Disorders program is a two year program geared towards professional students already working in the field. Classes are held only two days per week so as to allow students to successfully combine work and studies. The program is accredited by the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

Fields of study include:

  • Languages and culture in Israel 
  • Multicultural aspects of Communication Disorders
  • Multilingualism during a lifespan
  • Diagnosis and treatment of multicultural and multi-lingual populations

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