Interdisciplinary School for Sciences, Health and Society |
Computer Science, M.Sc.

Program Details

Areas of study and course options include:

Theoretical Computer Science

Advanced Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Algorithmic Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Geometry, Parallel and Network Computing, Error-Correcting Codes, Methods in Scientific Computing, Optimization Theory.

Software and Programming

Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Advanced Databases, Digital Image Processing, User Interface Design, Computer-Aided Design and Production, Advanced Internet Programming, User Interface Programming. Electives in software and programming in the computers in medicine track will include processing of medicals images, guidance and control of surgical and treatment procedures and tools required for protocols and interfaces of medical databases (PACS & Medical Informatics).

Hardware and Systems

Advanced Computer Architectures, Protocols and Computer Networks, Cryptography and Data Security, Next Generation IP, Contemporary Micro Processors, Intelligent Systems, Computer Vision, Robotics, Wireless Communications. Electives in hardware and systems in computers in medicine include micro processing for medical apparatus, embedded systems for medical devices and robotics in medicine.

The program includes required and elective courses in each of the above three areas, a seminar course and the submission of a final project.