Interdisciplinary School for Sciences, Health and Society |
Health Systems Management B.A.

Program Goals and Career Opportunities

The curriculum at the Department of Health Systems Management is offered to applicants who see their future in the health system, to health professionals seeking to enrich their education with managerial skills and tools, and to health care workers and managers or academics interested in or required to obtain a bachelor's degree.
Upon graduation, graduates of the Health Systems Management Program at Hadassah Academic College will be able to integrate into a variety of positions related to the health system in Israel; a large and wide-ranging system that includes dozens of different fields. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge required to manage health organizations at the various levels in the public and private sector, and will do so at the highest professional level required of managers in a field as complex as health systems management.

The graduates will acquire a profession and knowledge in great demand and of growing relevance in the labor market in Israel in general, and in Jerusalem and its surroundings in particular.

In addition, graduates will be able to pursue their postgraduate studies within the department.