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Israel enjoys an international reputation as a center for creative design and ingenuity in product development. These attributes are expressed in a range of fields, from consumer products to public planning, and they are the hallmarks of Hadassah Academic College's Bachelors degree program in Inclusive Industrial Design.

contemporary industrial design has a tremendous impact on consumers' day to day lives. From your kitchen table and the pan you cook your breakfast in, to the layout and furnishing of your office work environment, to the restaurant kitchen where a dinner out with co-workers is prepared, every tool used in our daily routine has been specifically designed to meet a certain need or function. Products and systems in our environment, whether in the home, in public or in technology have a direct bearing on the quality of our lives and how we experience our surroundings. Industrial designers work diligently to create ever more ingenious, useful, elegant and efficient products to improve and facilitate individuals' interactions with the world around them.

The DAN Department of Creative Human Design at Hadassah Academic College recognizes the essential role of quality industrial design in the contemporary consumer marketplace, and even goes one step further: its goal is to facilitate future designers' development of tools, instruments, and products designed to be used by all people, with a special emphasis on populations with special needs.


A Toolkit for Today's Design Market

The DAN Department of Creative Human Design at Hadassah Academic College emphasizes the functional, cultural, and aesthetic roles of design in every aspect of our environment. For this reason, the program consciously cultivates students' sense of curiosity, openness, aesthetics and sensitivity to detail. The core program imparts students with a technical tool kit for the future: computer program knowledge, studio courses, workshop classes, and understanding the design process' research, development and structural elements. These practical skills are combined with exposure to the history and anthropology of design, and its role in defining how people understand and interact with each other and their environment.

The department focuses on the development of aesthetic sensitivity to cultural, environmental and practical considerations of the inclusive approach to design. This approach aims to adjust environments, products and services for a variety of users, regardless of age, disability or circumstances.

Program Details

The Hadassah Bachelors of Inclusive Industrial Design program is recognized and accredited by Israel's Council of Higher Education. The program consists of eight academic semesters taken of the course of four years. Upon successful completion of studies, students are awarded a B. Design degree.

A list of course options and requirements can be found in Hebrew.

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