Interdisciplinary School for Sciences, Health and Society |
Inclusive Industrial Design, B.Des., The DAN Department of Creative Human Design

Program Goals and Career Opportunities

Building New Bridges between Academia and Industry

In addition to practical classroom skills and theory, students in the Inclusive Industrial Design program engage in active collaborative learning with industry, cultural institutions and social organizations. This includes special seminars, workshops and guest lectures with industry leaders and representatives from major design firms and consumer product corporations in Israel. Students may also benefit from on-site, cooperative learning experiences that expose students to the real life operations of professionals in the field.

Through these collaborative learning opportunities, students receive comprehensive training and accelerated professional development through these practical on-the-job experiences, which provide a chance to explore applied skills and put academic theories to practice in the work environment. The practical elements of their education at Hadassah Academic College help facilitate students' smooth post-graduation integration into industry as designers and industrial design offices, research and development teams and independent designers. Upon graduation, students will find a wide range of exciting employment opportunities, including positions in industry and government design research, design and development, design management and freelance design.


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