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Medical Laboratory Sciences, B.Med.Lab.Sc.

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In Israel, as in most of the developed world, the health care industry has become a significant element in the national economy. With rising life expectancies and new diagnostics and treatment being developed every day, Israel faces a shortfall of trained health professionals so essential to the needs of a busy national health system.

Among these trained professionals are qualified medical laboratory technicians. These technicians perform essential procedures in a range of medical clinics. Their activities include performing basic diagnostic and analytical tests ordered by primary care or hospital physicians, to more complex laboratory practices such as testing tissues for transplant, in-vitro fertilization, genetic testing, microbiology and endocrinology tests, and more.

Scientific Essentials and Real World Training

The Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Med.Lab.Sc.) is based on interdisciplinary studies in the natural and medical sciences and the development of strong laboratory skills for a broad range of applications. This approach is critical because with the advancement of lab equipment and technologies, technicians must have the flexibility and breadth of experience to adapt to a constantly evolving work environment. Students gain extensive practical experience in highly equipped multi-purpose ("smart") laboratories, which aid students in acquiring necessary skills and laboratory methodology. Students study advanced methods in biochemistry, microbiology, virology, immunology, hematology, genetic engineering, molecular biology and more.

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