Interdisciplinary School for Sciences, Health and Society |
Medical Laboratory Sciences, B.Med.Lab.Sc.

Scope of Studies

All students in the program benefit from courses in the following fields:

Molecular Genetics

The program in molecular genetics provides students with theoretical knowledge in advanced molecular biology and its applications in science and medicine. Students study vital concepts of genetics, cell development and structure, genetic conditions and abnormalities, and the interplay between cutting edge scientific research and real world medical practice. The courses allow students to master the complex knowledge and techniques essential to a professional in the growing field of genetic testing, diagnosis, and research.

Microbiology and Immunology

In these courses, students learn general microbiology, medical microbiology, virology and immunology, discovering how bacteria and viruses cause disease, and the ways in which the human immune system defends against them. Special emphasis is placed on pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and disease processes. Students learn the essentials of pathological diagnosis and pathogen identification needed to help physicians, nurses and other health professionals make accurate medical diagnosis. Students also gain an in depth understanding of immune response and subjects such as the immunology of cancer processes, autoimmune diseases and organ transplant body reactions. Graduates with mastery in these areas can look forward to a bright career future in the field.


These courses deal with issues in clinical biochemistry, hematology, physiology, parasitology, endocrinology, pharmacology and fetal development. The courses are fundamental to understanding the activity and function of human body systems. These courses are taught with an integrated approach, combining areas such as physiological activity and pathology of the human body systems.Special emphasis is given to areas and organs with great clinical importance.



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