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Optometry (B.Optom)

About Us

The eyes may be our windows on the world, but most of us will need the help of an optometrist at some point in our lives in order to get a clear picture of everything around us. The inner workings of the eye and the miracle of sight are fascinating and vitally important subjects, the study of which forms the basis of Hadassah Academic College's program in clinical optometry.

The B. Optom. program combines theoretical studies and practical work with patients to prepare students for a career in optometry. The program provides the academic knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose problems in the visual system and to treat them using state-of-the-art optical equipment. Students also study elements of management, pharmacology, optics and more. Optometry students acquire a wide range of experiences in many different fields, aiming to prepare them for work in today's market.

Fascinating Academics and Practical Career Skills

How do the eyes transmit information from the external world to the brain? What happens when a dysfunction is diagnosed in the information process? What techniques help improve vision? How is laser technology changing the field? These subjects and many more are addressed in the Hadassah College Bachelor of Optometry program. The B. Optom. program instructs students in the pure science of optometry while simultaneously educating them to take on the real life responsibilities of a practicing optometrist.

The Department of Optometry and Visual Sciences collaborates closely with local health care providers and industry in order to open doors for Hadassah students, providing exciting real world learning opportunities and internship/job placement options.


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