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Optometry and Vision Sciences (M.Optom)


What does the program include?

  • The program consists of 37 academic credits* over four semesters; 29 credits of mandatory courses and 8 credits of elective courses.
  • Classes take place on Tuesdays.
  • At present, 9 courses (21 credits) are offered in English, of which 7 are mandatory courses (17 credits) and 2 are electives (4 credits). International students with the appropriate background may register for these without taking the entire program.
  • Currently, other courses are offered only in Hebrew. We intend to offer the entire program in English in the near future.

*1 credit is equivalent to approximately 1.5 ECTS.


The dedicated faculty includes renowned experts from Israel and abroad with vast experience in clinical and experimental optometry.

Faculty list


The list of courses in English will be published soon.
The list of courses in Hebrew may be viewed here


For application to the full program (including Hebrew courses) click here
To register for courses offered in English, contact: