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Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometry

To be offered in Spring 2024
2 credits (3 ECTS Credits)


This course will cover specific strategies for treating patients with acquired and/or traumatic brain injuries.

Course Structure

The course includes access to 20 hours of pre-recorded lectures, divided into specific topics. After viewers have viewed 10 hours of the lectures, a live Zoom session will be held with the professor to discuss key issues and to answer any questions. A second Zoom session will be held at the conclusion of the course.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the mechanics of brain injury and the relevant neurology
  2. Identify the causes of visual problems arising from brain injury
  3. Provide appropriate treatment for visual dysfunction associated with brain injury.

Topics Covered

  • History taking of the ABI/TBI patient
  • Mechanisms of stroke and embolism formation
  • Blast injuries
  • Glutamate and the brain
  • Areas of the brain that are responsible for key areas of visual function
  • Relationship between symptoms and signs and neurology of the brain
  • Detecting matches and mismatches between the known damage to the brain and the functions as seen during testing.
  • Vision problems resulting from brain injury: Strabismus, Ocular motor, Visual perception, Visual field, Binocularity/Accommodation, Headaches/Asthenopia
  • Short and long-term treatment for ABI conditions
  • Off-site patient care
  • Measurement of strabismus angles in the ABI population
  • Use of Fresnel prisms in the hospital/ABI population
  • Dealing with inability to fuse
  • Blindsight
  • Neglect and unilateral special inattention- USI: diagnosis
  • Peli and Gottlieb prism application
  • Adaptation of VT activities for the ABI population
  • How to write a report for the many different conditions and people who work with head injury?
  • Multi-disciplinary treatment of patients: the optometrist as part of the medical team


  • Final exam for students seeking academic credit


  • TBD

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Program Director: Dr. Liat Gantz
Program Administrator: Ms. Alisa Gania
Department Chairperson: Prof. Ariela Gordon-Shaag

Neuro Rehabilitative Optometry