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Communication Disorders, (B.A.)

Scope of Studies and Specialization Options

At Hadassah College, our students benefit from and take pride in a program of intensive hands on clinical education. This vital practical portion of students' education takes place at two impressive Hadassah facilities: the Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Clinic of Communication Disorders, the Audiology/ENT clinic and the Adler Aphasia Center.

The Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Clinic offers a range of services for assessment of language disabilities, pediatric language delays, and speech and language disorders. This includes assessments and intervention of language and speech disorders from infancy through adulthood.

The Audiology/ENT clinic works in collaboration with the staff of the Audiology/ENT department at Hadassah Ein Karem medical center. The clinic is one of the largest facilities in the country and provides hearing evaluation and rehabilitation and ENT clinic.

The Adler Aphasia Center provides long-term rehabilitation care, treatment and therapy for individuals with severe acquired speech and language aphasia. Aphasia is a general language dysfunction caused by damage to the language centers of the brain. Hadassah Academic College is home to Israel's only such rehabilitation center for severe aphasia, which is also the first international branch of the Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey.