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Behavioral Sciences, B.A.

About Us

The Department of Behavioral Sciences promotes different methods of thinking about how human beings interact with one another by using the conventional disciplines that were developed to examine human behavior: psychology, sociology, and anthropology. 

Scope of Studies and Profession

Degree studies are carried out over a period of three years and take place during three days per week. Students are required to complete 122 credit points. Graduates will be awarded a Bachelor's Degree (B.A.), recognized by the Council of Higher Education. The Department offers students to select one of the following three study tracks:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Communication and Government

Studies in the Department of Behavioral Sciences

Department classes are conducted in small groups in order to facilitate and encourage interaction with the academic staff. Students may supplement their knowledge by selecting elective courses from the general listing of courses offered in HAC's other academic departments. 

 Students studying at the College

Goals of the Department of Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Behavioral Sciences provides graduates with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them understand the origins and consequences of human behavior. The Department’s curriculum offers courses in a variety of topics to provide students with different perspectives on human behavior. Students are required to take courses in communication, political science, and economics - with the purpose of better understanding the origins of the behavioral sciences and the different contexts in which human behavior is expressed. Course material includes exposure to research conducted in the field of the behavioral sciences in order to allow for a better understanding of individual, social, and political processes contributing to the construction of individual, social, and national identity.

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Basic Admission Requirements in Hebrew

Complete matriculation certificate, psychometric exam, HAC’s suitability exam and score.  

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Do you wish to study with us but don't meet the admission requirements? Join our pre-academic preparatory program! For more information about pre-academic preparatory programs press here or dial *2292.

Opportunities Following Graduation

Studies at the Department of Behavioral Sciences provide graduates with the tools and  experience to work together with people from different backgrounds and to encourage an entire group, or individual member of the group, to move forward, to nurture his or her aspirations and dreams and to realize them. Graduates of the Department can aspire to a broad variety of positions in private companies, political and economic organizations, educational and care-giving institutions, as well as in counseling, human resources, personnel recruiting companies, and other fields.

Possible Job Opportunities

  • Social Psychology
  • Organizational Counseling 
  • Human Resources
  • Client Services 
  • Educational counseling

For any positions requiring communication between different public bodies and initiating inter-organizational processes, graduates may be eligible to continue their studies upon leaving HAC towards an M.A in Social Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and/or Organizational Behavior.