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Economics and Accounting, B.A.

About Us

In our dynamic modern economy, all economic, financial, and entrepreneurial activity requires a thorough grounding in the fields of economics and accounting. The coursework in HAC's Department of Economics and Accounting provides a solid foundation in the knowledge required by business people and managers in today's competitive job market. 

The Department provides students with extensive theoretical knowledge along with practical skills in the disciplines of both economics and accounting. Graduates from this deparment are qualified to register for the professional qualification exams of the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors in Israel.

Graduates are awarded a B.A. Degree in Economics and Accounting, and may become eligible for careers working in accountanting firms, government, the legal divisions of large organizations, income tax authorities, commercial companies, the high-tech sector, banking, and more. The positions that our graduates may become eligible to fill include working as accountants, comptrollers, CFO, financial managers, economic consultants, policy makers, and investment officers.

Program of Study

The program of coursework encompasses 147 credits, which takes place during 3 years of study. This may include a summer semester between second and third year of studies. At the end of studies, students may take an additional year of studies to qualify as a certified public accountants by the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors in Israel. 

The program of study affords an exemption for many of the entry exams required by the  Society. 

Program Framework

Head of Program – Prof. Yoram Eden. 

The studies are career focused and practical. Studies include the basics of economics and accounting with a focus on the interaction between economic theories and their practical application by accountants in the government or private sector. As an example, in game theory, how to apply game theory to preparing tenders.

Main Areas of Study:

  • Fundamentals of economics
  • Fundamentals of law
  • Financial accounting
  • Macro economics
  • Public finance
  • Game Theory – Tender Games
  • Pricing and management accounting
  • Taxation
  • Pricing concepts
  • Corporate legislation

The Department offers a range of optional courses in the fields of management and economics, marketing, taxation, corporate legislation, international economics, game theory, and more. Courses will also be offered in the areas of the economics of tourism, healthcare economics, analyzing financial reports, and the basics of marketing.  

Links to Industry

HAC's location in Jerusalem, and its proximity to many government and public institutions offers many opportunities for employment for Department graduates. The College offers personal assistance to each student as an integral part of the study program.

Basic Requirements for Acceptance

Candidates are required to present a matriculation certificate, and psychomoetric exam results (or equivalent) as required by HAC, along with a personal interview.  

Do you wish to study but don't meet the entry requirements? Join our pre-academic preparatory program! For more information about pre-academic preparatory press here or dial *2292.

What opportunities exist following graduation?

Every significant organization or business requires professionals and managers with expert knowledge in the areas of finance, economics, and accounting, with strong professional abilities in the areas of budgeting and control. Many successful business people, who reach senior positions in the economy, graduated with degrees in the disciplines of economics and accounting.

Graduates can pursue careers in the private or public sectors as accountants, comptrollers, CFOs, finance directors, economic advisors, and more. They are eligible to pursue positions in a wide range of government offices, including Israel's Ministry of Finance.