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Israel's service and management industries are rapidly expanding career fields employing an ever growing number of professionals in a range of positions and business sectors. HAC answers the nation's need for well-trained service management specialists through its Bachelor of Arts program in Management of Service Organizations. The fastest growing Department at the College, the program currently boasts over 700 students enrolled in three tracks: Health Care Systems Management, Tourism and Hospitality, and Human Resources. The Department offers a unique and challenging academic and practical education prepares students for successful careers in these areas. The program places emphasis on outstanding service, effective and capable management skills, and awareness of long-term business goals.

Academic Programs Mirroring Real Life Work Environments

The B.A. in Management of Service Organizations features a practical interdisciplinary course structure. The program provides students with the fundamentals in fields such as marketing, finance, organizational behavior, communications, legal issues, and business strategies. Each student chooses a specialization track in either Health Management Organizations (patient-doctor relations, quality of service in the healthcare system, and ethics and patient rights), Tourism and Hospitality (guest relations, quality of hotel service, and hotel service management systems), or Human Resource Management.

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Academic studies are combined with practical experience with an emphasis on sevice quality and management skills. Students working in real-world settings can implement their knowledge and gain a comprehensive understanding of their field. Each student also completes an integrative final project. In addition to HAC's academic faculty, program instructors include experienced and skilled managers from both the public and private sectors. These professionalsl bring practical experience from the field, which gives HAC students a competitive edge in the labor market.

Students may arrange their studies on a full or part-time basis and choose to attend either morning or evening classes. This flexibility allows students to maintain a full-time work schedule in addition to their academic class schedules.


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