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Information Systems Management Studies

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The Information Systems Management track in the Department of Service Organization Management at Hadassah Academic College provides future managers with advanced analytical tools and the ability to manage decision-making processes at all levels, in order to compete in today's global competitive market.
Hadassah Academic College and the Department of Service Organizations are proud to present the Information Systems Management track, which will open a new gateway for students and professionals and an interesting channel for a career tailored to the 21st century!

What are Information Systems?

Information systems are software and applications used for computerized management of information and various processes within and outside of the organization. These information systems are now an integral part of our lives and we encounter them almost everywhere.
Here are some examples of important information systems present in our lives:
The cash register is an information system that not only calculates the various promotions, but also monitors consumers' behavior and buying habits.
E-commerce sites are sophisticated information systems that handle the entire buying process; buying recommendations, collecting payments, delivering products and monitoring user preferences.
Social networks are a daily meeting place for billions of people as well as highly sophisticated information systems currently used for marketing, service delivery and market analysis.
The mobile revolution has made us and the service organizations accessible to us at any time and place through dedicated apps that we ourselves install on our smartphones.
Banks, insurance companies, credit companies and other financial entities manage all their activities in a computerized manner.
The widespread use of information systems in all existing organizations today creates a constant demand for technological and managerial personnel, skilled in a variety of professions. The terms of employment in the technological world are among the best in the labor market in Israel and in the world. Today, small and large organizations, in Israel and abroad, in the public and business sectors, employ information systems personnel in various positions and there is no doubt that the demand will only increase.

Academic goals and career directions

The Department of Service Organization Management at Hadassah Academic College prepares hundreds of graduates each year for management positions, human resources, health systems, tourism systems and more. We teach our students how to create an innovative vision, adapted to changing current trends in the labor market.
Students in the Information Systems Management track will acquire, as part of their studies, a degree in the management of service organizations, various theoretical and practical tools in the field of information systems; systems analysis, project management, information systems management, cyber, digital transformation and more. The track will prepare students for a variety of positions in demand, such as information systems analysts, technology project managers, product managers, technology product marketing managers, technology management positions, such as system administrators, chief digital officer (CDO), chief information officer (CIO) and other diverse roles.

The team of lecturers in the Information Systems Management track includes first-rate academics and industry professionals with extensive experience, well versed in preparing students for tomorrow's technological labor market.
The track is especially suitable for students who want to combine technology with working with people.

Come and acquire knowledge and tools for building a career in information systems management with the leading academic staff of Hadassah Academic College. The Department of Service Organization Management is one of the oldest, leading and most professional departments in the college that combines practical training and academic studies at the highest level.