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Management (B.A.)

Program Goals and Career Opportunities - Management, B.A.

Bright Future for Management Specialists

Hadassah's  Management of Service Organizations graduates are in exceptionally high demand in the Israeli marketplace because they are taught to respond to an ongoing culture shift in Israeli customer service. Today, both domestic and international clientele as well as employees themselves expect an international standard of quality service and efficient management. While in the past these attributes were sometimes lacking in Israeli industry, today's increasingly globalized market has led to a major paradigm shift in the way Israeli companies and organizations do business both at home and abroad.  In this era, customer service has become a primary competitive tool in the business market. New graduates with specific skills in this field are highly prized as organizations seek service managers with the know-how to meet twenty-first century business needs and customer/employee expectations.

After completing their studies, graduates find immediate employment in their fields, including work at hospitals, health clinics and HMOs, in the tourism industry at hotels and destination sites, and in a wide range of private sector human relations positions.