Interdisciplinary School for Society and Community |
Management of Service Organizations, M.A.

Program Goals and Career Opportunities

Current data shows that about 70% of businesses in Israel are in the services field. Consequently, the demand for service-oriented managers is expected to only grow in Israel in the years to come.

We anticipate that the program graduates will be in great demand. The uniqueness of the proposed curriculum lies in the emphasis on the service field as an interdisciplinary and innovative field that is relevant for all types of organizations, in all sectors and in every field of activity. In an era in which the awareness of consumers is ever-growing and in which there are technological means for expressing civil protest, focusing on studying the service field is more relevant than ever.

The program graduates, who will be trained as managers specializing in services, will contribute much to organizations in the Israeli economy, to Israeli customers' welfare and to the interface between them. The graduates will be able to assimilate the principles of the service approach and responsibility to customers and to promote the service field in the Israeli economy.

The Curriculum’s Goals

  • An in-depth recognition and organization and analysis of service in Israel and throughout the world using the study methods of case studies, tours and visiting lecturers. 
  • Studying theoretical and applicable approaches for evaluating and managing global and local service systems. 
  • Studying applicable tools for managing economic, ecological and social systems that affect the organizational action in general and the service units in particular. 
  • Acquiring skills for applying technological information systems and methods for collecting and processing data. 
  • Reinforcing managerial qualities such as planning and strategic thinking, creativity and initiative, communication and expression methods.

The purpose of the curriculum is to educate and train the program’s graduate as a professional with service awareness who would be suitable to all the management fields in an organization. Within the academic framework, students will be exposed to managerial dilemmas in the modern world and the global effort to assimilate multidisciplinary principles for service development. The encounter with the various disciplines such as economics, information systems, sustainability and environment, social ethics and inequality will expose students to new worlds of content. The broad range of subjects is intended to offer graduates a broad-minded vision that will equip them to successfully pursue their career.


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