Interdisciplinary School for Society and Community |
Social Work, BSW

Program Goals and Career Opportunities

The goal of the Curriculum is to impart students with understanding and awareness of the psychosocial processes in human development and the individual’s place in society, alongside acquaintance with the social and communal structure of the society in which people live. Furthermore, the course will deal with an understanding of the social and economic processes that influence human life, the acquisition of knowledge and skills in activating the intervention methods intended for changing or preventing processes, and behaviors amongst individuals, groups, and the community. The Social Work curriculum imparts a recognition and understanding of the processes for producing professional knowledge based on the research and evaluation methods of professional intervention and the various welfare services.

Theory, Practice and Research

The curriculum has three underlying foundations: Theory, practice, and research
During the first year, students are integrated into a variety of social services aimed at exposing them to a broad range of knowledge fields such as children and adolescents, crime and corrective services, family and community services, rehabilitation services for the handicapped, the aged, and those suffering from emotional distress.
On completion of their undergraduate studies, graduates can pursue various directions and choose to specialize in specific population groups or in specific intervention methods such as working with individuals, groups, treatment of couples and families, communal work, psychotherapy etc. Each graduate can practice as a social worker in all the social services. Graduates can also continue to specific specialization within the framework of graduate M.A studies.