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Logic in Action: Strategy, Planning, and the Economics of Risk for the 21st Century

Dr. Doron Avital

3 Credits

Entrepreneurship calls for open thought and action and a bold and expansive reading of the intellectual and practical dimensions. The realm of entrepreneurship requires a revision of accepted patterns of thought, planning, and execution, which typically force us into routine procedures that limit our freedom of action.  Entrepreneurs must challenge, lead, and innovate in a way that makes room for past experiences as necessary reference points, without being held captive by them.

This course was designed for CEOs, technological and social entrepreneurs, business people and economists - as well for those young people who are imbued with a sense of magic and activism in the face of the stories of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and heroes from our past.

This course was designed to inspire every one of us to hold on to our lives at every possible moment, and especially in those moments that require significant change, and the reshaping of reality.

The Story of Aaron Ceichanover: The Man and the Nobelist

Dr. Dafna Natan

3 Credits

Who is Aaron Ciechanover? What defines him as a person? What were the main intersections in his life that brought about his nomination for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004? In this course, we will discuss such questions using different resources including an inclusive interview given by Professor Ciechanover to Hadassah Academic College.

Amos Oz - The World of a Writer

Dr. David Lavi

3 Credits

Amos Oz was one of the leading writers in Israel and, according to many, the greatest writer in the history of Israel. He authored over 30 books, many of which have been a worldwide success, and he won a number of awards, including the Israel Prize for Literature.

Oz’s books have been translated into about 50 languages, making him the most translated Hebrew writer of all time.  The course will review the work of Oz, the author and professor of literature, who was received with great respect in literary salons around the world, and 4 of whose books were adapted for motion pictures, was born in Jerusalem.

The course will provide an overview of Oz's work and its place in Israeli culture, and trace his intellectual biography and sources of inspiration. The course will also deal extensively with Oz's personal and social thinking, as reflected in a variety of his writings as well as in his many interviews.

Practical Skills for Growth and Development

Dr. Orni Gov

3 Credits

The Society for Human Resource Management found that technical abilities are not rewarded by organizations as much as soft skills. You can excel at what you do, but if your soft skills are not strong enough, you may be limiting your chances of career success. In “Practical Skills for Growth and Development,” you will acquire significant tools for building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement in your career - as well as for managing your personal relationships.

This course aims to impart theoretical knowledge regarding the development of soft skills, the acquisition of inter-personal techniques to improve work relationships, and to develop work-related skills such as effective communications, conflict resolution, and positive thinking and decision-making.