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Learning Disabilities & Vision (Online Course)

Vision in Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

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What is the role of visual problems in learning difficulties?

What is the role of optometrist in treatment of visual problems experienced by patients with specific learning disabilities and dyslexia?

How can optometrists assist patients with specific learning disabilities and dyslexia?

What are learning disabilities and dyslexia?

Is there an evidence basis for treating visual problems in patients with specific learning disabilities and dyslexia?


This course applies modern evidence-based scrutiny to these questions and provides practical clinical tools that optometrists can use to help their patients with learning problems.

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Topics Covered

  • Binocular vision & accommodation testing for children with profound or spesific learning difficulties (MEM retinoscopy, cover test masterclass, fusional reserves, VT)
  • Role and management of binocular vision & accommodation anomalies in learning difficulties
  • Clinical tools for a conservative approuch to investigating the effect of coloured filters
  • Evidence-based approuch in clinical practice
  • Aetiology of dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Pursuit and saccadic eye movements and learning
  • Visual perceptual skills and memory skills in learning difficulties
  • Why is visual stress and the use of coloured filters still controversial?


3 ECTS academic credit option available.


Course Lecturers

Main Lecturer- Professor Bruce Evans:

Prof. Evans is the Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry and visiting professor at City University and London South Bank University.

His main areas of research are children’s vision, dyslexia, orthoptics, contact lenses, and headaches including migraine.

He has authored over 240 scientific and professional papers, five editions of books on binocular vision and two on dyslexia and vision, and has given more than 250 invited lectures.

Mr. Ian Abott (special guest lecture):

Mr. Abbott currently works to support children and young people by identifying barriers to learning and helping develop skills for study, employment and life.

He is a Teacher/Assessor, specialising in specific learning disabilities. Mr. Abbott has a breadth of experience supporting all stages of education, from primary school children to young people and adults in further education. His purpose is to champion hard-to-hear, often vulnerable learners while raising awareness of the learning complexities and situational challenges some might face.

Ms. Tamar Malinovich (special guest lecture):

Ms. Malinovich is a Learning Disabilities Specialist and a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Sciences Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Tamar has a B.A. in Cognitive Sciences and an M.A in Learning Disabilities, from the Hebrew University. Ms. Malinovitch is experienced in diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities both in children and adults, and worked at the National Institute for Testing and Evaluating as an accommodations specialist.

Course Structure: 

 3 concentrated days of online studies on zoom

- December 21st- 09:00-15:00 Israel time
- December 28th- 09:00-15:00 Israel time
- January 11th- 08:50-15:00 Israel time

 All lectures will be recorded and available for offline viewing.


Registration Fee: 400$ (1400 NIS)

Limited offer: 350$ for early registration (available until December 15th)

Please note: All prices are in New Israeli Shekels (NIS)

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