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About Us

Hadassah Academic College is dedicated to providing students of all backgrounds access to quality, career focused academic studies. However, many students who dream of earning a Bachelors degree from Hadassah or another institution lack the essential academic foundations to succeed in higher learning. For this reason, Hadassah offers a pre-academic preparatory program, the Mechina, designed for those who need to complete their high school certificates, or improve their grades and standardized test scores in order to qualify to enter a university or college.

Opening New Doors to Students of All Backgrounds

Many prospective Israeli students face considerable obstacles in their pursuit of higher education, and come from backgrounds which may have limited their ability to achieve academic success in the past. A significant portion of Hadassah's students represent the first generation in their families to pursue higher education, and in many instances, even the first of their families to complete a basic high school education. Likewise, a large number of Hadassah students come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. Many students come to us having graduated from underperforming high schools which have failed to adequately prepare them for the rigors of post-secondary academic pursuit. There are students who seek out the preparatory program after taking years off from their studies in order to fulfill their national service obligations and working to support their parents or younger siblings. Still others have struggled to overcome academic and learning difficulties. Immigrant students and the children of immigrants who arrived in Israel during the middle of their high school years may also need supplementary academic preparation. The Hadassah Mechina serves the needs of all these students and many more.

Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Hadassah aims to reach all potential students and offer them a path to scholastic achievement and career success. The Mechina offers a learning environment which is both structured and supportive, designed to help students gradually make the transition into the academic world. Separate tracks are tailored to young adults, to Arabic speaking students, and mature students age thirty and over. The program functions as a starting point and prepares students for study at Hadassah Academic Collage. Certain tracks prepare students for specific degree programs at Hadassah Academic College. In addition, specialized counseling, guidance services, tutorials and workshops assist students in developing learning and time management skills. Specific assistance is offered to students with learning disabilities. The program also strives to address common issues, such as test anxiety, which often hampers students. During the course of the Mechina, students acquire basic study skills and university level foundational instruction in core academic disciplines, including mathematics, English, writing skills, and the natural and social sciences.

Students in the program often must learn how to learn before they can pursue specific learning in a degree program. At Hadassah Academic College, Mechina students find a supportive environment offering an opportunity to advance themselves through hard work and diligence.