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About HAC

Located in the heart of bustling downtown Jerusalem, HAC is a unique institution of higher education offering students world-class, career-focused degree programs. Accredited and supported by Israel's Council for Higher Education, HAC offers undergraduate (and specific graduate) degree programs that lead to careers in high demand in fields spanning various health sciences, as well as Computer Science, Management, Economics and Accounting, Industrial Design, Politics and Communications, Social Work, and more. Since its initial accreditation in 1996, HAC's academic model has focused on training new generations of qualified professionals while emphasizing excellence and innovation in instruction, scholarship, and research.

Preparing for Today's Work Force:

HAC is consistently ranked among Israel’s best institutions of higher education, offering its students a passport to a brighter future. Each year, about one-half of our student body are young people from Israel's diverse populations who are the first in their families to pursue higher education. HAC is dedicated to granting these students the knowledge, skills, and personal empowerment they need to immediately start a challenging career, or to pursue advanced degrees.

HAC students earn more than just a degree. We believe that higher education is not only an academic endeavor, but also a means to achieve the satisfaction, fulfillment, and stability that come with cultivating a promising career. Our graduates typically complete their studies with the relevant knowledge, cutting-edge skills, practical experience, and network of contacts in their respective fields.

Students at HAC benefit from a three-pronged approach which nearly guarantees their ultimate success. This includes generous scholarships and interest-free loans, personal academic assistance for those who need it, and intensive guidance and work placement opportunities in cooperation with our Career Counseling Center. This comprehensive approach translates into impressive results: HAC has one of the lowest attrition rates in the nation, surpassing even the major universities. Ninety-four percent of HAC's students successfully complete their degree programs, and some 85% of our graduates find work in their field of study within a short time after graduation.

In addition to their academic studies, many students participate in a wide range of practical learning experiences on campus, in the community, and within various industries. This includes hands-on training in HAC's unique public clinics, volunteering in a range of community service projects for populations at risk, professional internships, and more. These experiences ensure that our students develop the real-world skills needed to succeed and flourish in a competitive workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion:  

HAC brings together students from all walks of life and from every sector of Israeli society. Deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, HAC promotes a secure future for students from all of Israel’s unique populations such as Arab-Israelis, new immigrants, and the ultra-Orthodox. HAC accomodates students with special learning differences and special needs, and makes every effort to provide the personal attention required to ensure their success. Approximately 2/3 of our students are from the greater Jerusalem area, while the other 1/3 come from throughout Israel. 


Encouraging International Academic Partnerships:

HAC partners with academic institutions from around the world and hosts a growing number of courses and programs in English that are accessible globally.

Live and Learn in Jerusalem:

HAC is more than just an institution of higher education. It is an integral part of the social fabric of Israel’s capital city, and works in cooperation with local employers in the business, non-profit, and government sectors. HAC takes pride in its active role in the community both through sending numerous students to volunteer with populations at-risk, and for training in a variety of local health, welfare, and educational institutions.