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Speech and Language Clinics

Speech and Language Disabilities at the Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Clinic of Communication Disorders

Hadassah Academic College's commitment to advanced student training and quality health care outreach clinics is brought to the fore at the Speech and Language Disabilities clinic. The clinic offers a range of services for assessment of language disabilities, pediatric language delays, and speech and language disorders. Patients from the local Jerusalem area and beyond can obtain superior assessment and therapy services performed by skilled professionals and highly supervised senior student trainees. As such, the clinic helps ensure that quality local services are available to neighborhood residents while simultaneously providing its students with an unparalleled real world teaching laboratory.

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The Clinic performs assessments of language and speech disorders from infancy through adulthood. The five therapy rooms are well equipped with state-of-the-art materials for assessment and treatment. Much of the clinic's work is conducted in partnership with the Jerusalem Institute for Child Development, offering specialized methods for pediatric assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
Disorders diagnosed and treated at the clinic include:

  • Speech and language disorders in children
  • Disorders of articulation, voice and fluency
  • Speech and language rehabilitation in post-stroke patients
  • Swallowing (oral-motor) dysfunction
  • Tongue thrust

For further information and a schedule of clinic operating hours, please see the Hebrew site.